10-Week Innerview Coaching Program with Jullien Gordon

Jullien’s Recent Clients’ Results
- From middle manager at leading credit card company to Director of Digital at NYC-based entertainment and arts advertising agency
- From a 15-year senior executive in real estate to CEO of own real estate firm
- From unemployed for over a year to HR Director for a major East Coast city
- From Executive Director at a Bay Area non-profit to a manager at a for-profit HR firm
- From unemployed and uncertain college graduate to Producer at MTV Networks

Jullien’s Coaching Areas
- Positioning for raise, entrepreneurship, or career change
- Interviewing & communicating one’s true value
- Passion discovery and crystallization into a marketable skill
- Lifestyle design for personal happiness (personal, professional, family, & finance)
- Any other skill or subject I’ve taught on The Higher Call. See them all here.

Jullien’s goal is to help you:
- Define success for yourself personally and professionally
- Improve your presence personally & professionally (especially the way you think and speak about yourself)
- Help you define what’s next and move powerfully towards it

Sessions & Deliverables
- Every time we meet in person, we create a 2-week deliverable. We agree on what the evidence of success looks like.
- During our call weeks, you update me on progress and challenges, and I will help you strategize while holding you accountable to what you want
- At the end of the program, you will create an event that involves other people that sets the change you desire in motion.

Penalties & Rewards
- You pay $1500 up front to confirm that you accept the challenge
- At our first session you pay another $1000 to put into your Accountability Account. Every other week that you deliver and fulfill 100% of your commitments to yourself, I will give you $200 back. Every other week you don’t, I keep it.
- At our 5th session, you will pay the last $1500 installment.

If you accept this challenge, pay it and you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule our preliminary meeting to clarify and customize the program for you.

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About Jullien Gordon

Jullien’s Story & Success

Are you asking the right questions?

Jullien “The Innerviewer” Gordon is a high performance coach and consultant for organizations, individuals, and teams that want to increase employee performance, motivation, engagement, and retention. As a Founding Partner at New Higher, his consulting work has helped Fortune 100 companies align their human capital strategies to retain an engage high performers and his speeches and trainings have helped over 10,000 professionals discover more ways to create value, be present, and make meaning at work.

Jullien was trained at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he focused on organizational behavior, high performance leadership, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Jullien is also the author of four books on career advancement, finding purpose, goal achievement, and closing the college-to-career gap to help young professional discover their life’s work and make their highest contribution to the world and through their daily work.

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NOTE: Due to Jullien’s extensive corporate and non-profit consulting, Jullien only takes on 12 coaching clients per year. He is currently at 80% capacity.